The colorful abstract art of Vassily Kandinsky

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Born in the Russian Empire in 1866, the painter and art theorist Vassily Kandinsky is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of abstract art. In 1896, he enrolled in the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Later in his career, Kandinsky worked in the famous Bauhaus art school and taught the design class.

His art remains highly regarded and some of Kandinsky’s works have been sold for impressive sums. His Studie für Improvisation 8 was sold for a sum of $23 million and Rigide et courbé was sold for $23.3 million, which is a record sum for Kandinsky’s works.

Here you can see some of his works from the Small Worlds painting series, as well as The Orange, a made in 1923 when Kandinsky was a teacher in Bauhaus art school.

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