The father of Schwaan’s artist colony

Visual guide about German painter Franz Bunke for our Patreons

Grigory Gurkin. Altay’s greatest artist

Visual guide about a 20th-century painter from Altay

The Meaning & Symbolism of Surrender of Breda

Visual guide about the iconic painting of Diego Velazquez

The Socialist Architecture With Arseniy Kotov

Collaboration with the photographer Arseniy Kotov (@northern.friend)

Quiz: The Automotive Industry in the Soviet Union

A challenging quiz about the cars, trucks and buses from the Soviet era

The Nostalgic Phenom of the Sovietwave Music

A look on a unique music genre that has brought back the Soviet nostalgia


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The Anatomy & Rules of the Russian Duel

A closer look on the adventurous tradition that peaked in the 19th-century

Theodor Kittelsen: Among Trolls & Nature

Visual guide about the life of one of the most famous Norwegian artists

Infographic: Religious Tendencies in Latgale & Latvia

Visual guide about how religious affiliations have changed in Latvia throughout the years

The Swing – meaning & symbolism

In-depth look on the most famous painting of the Rococo period

Quiz: How well you know the Rococo period?

A quiz about the art & architecture of the Rococo

History of Rococo. Art, architecture & luxury

A guide into the most extravagant and luxury period in the history of art & architecture

The History of Cossacks

Here is a short course about the history of the fearless warriors from Wild Fields

The Pirates of Steppes. The Story of Crimean Khanate

The story about the 300-year long journey of Crimean Khanate, locked between the Empires

The Life of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

An inspiring story about the Saint Elizabeth in our visual guide


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The Short Course About Prussians & Their Mythology

A story about the Baltic tribe that eventually became extinct

Samogitians. They held the expansion of Teutonic Order for 200 years

Here is a story about one of the fiercest tribes in Europe

The light & movement. Futurism of Giacomo Balla

Article about one of the founding members of the Futurism movement

The Curious Story of Louis XIX

The curious story of a French king, who ruled for only 20 minutes

10 Longest-reigning European Monarchs

An animated infographic about some of the most influential monarchs in the European history

Quiz: How well do you know historic coats of arms?

A very challenging, but interesting quiz about the European heraldry

Course #1Mythological Creatures

An interactive course about mythological creatures

6 articles 1 video

Stanczyk by Jan Matejko – the meaning and symbolism

In-depth look on the famous painting by Jan Matejko

The colorful abstract art of Vassily Kandinsky

The Russian painter, who is regarded as the pioneer of abstract art

Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky – the father of color photography

The famous Russian photographer, who changed the world of photography

6 Soviet labor propaganda movies

A list of the Soviet movies that were dedicated to the working-class heroes

The fameless father of surrealism – François de Nomé

One of the forgotten inspirations of the 20th-century surrealism

TOP 5 Roles of Anatoly Solonitsyn

Some of the most memorable works of the Soviet actor

The nighttime maestro – Petrus van Schendel

The 19th-century painter that became famous for his depiction of light

5 Most Beautiful Bavarian Palaces To Visit

A visual guide about the gems of the Bavarian architecture

Infographic: Troll inspired locations

A visual guide about the locations around the Europe inspired by trolls

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