The nighttime maestro – Petrus van Schendel

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Selling vegetables at the night market by Petrus van Schendel

The Dutch painter was born in Breda, in 1806. After six years of studies in the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, van Schendel worked in several cities across the Netherlands and eventually settled in Brussels, Belgium. We published his full biography at, in case someone will need the information.

Like many painters, he painted a lot of portraits in his studio, as well as the different landscapes. However, his fame and legacy were born in his unique paintings, depicting nighttime scenes, where the characters and landscapes were lit by the light of lamps and candles. Some of the paintings depict scenes from the sea, some from the local markets or simply from a single room.

Before van Schendel, nobody gave that much attention in their paintings to the various sources of light – candles, oil lamps, fireworks, electricity, and moonlight. With constantly concentrating on these sources of light, he shaped his style and a lot of his Romantic artworks are still featured in the galleries around the world and highly valued.

Here are some of the works from the Dutch maestro

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